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Arbor Day 2017

On April 28th, the Village of Stockton celebrated Arbor Day by planting a MN Strain Redbud tree on the north side of Stockton Elementary school.


The tree was purchased from Fritz’s Nursery and Garden Center, and was planted by Mr. Fritz himself.  The elementary school’s principal, Colleen Fox, and Mrs. Busch’s preschool class was present to watch the tree-planting ceremony.


The Village’s AmeriCorps member, Johanna Lemon, corralled the preschoolers around the tree and recounted a brief history of Arbor Day – how it had started in the Nebraska Territory over 160 years ago, and was now a nationally recognized holiday.  When the history lesson concluded, each of the preschoolers had the chance to help Mr. Fritz finish planting the tree.


The students were delighted when the overturned earth revealed a fat earthworm, but made sure to avoid hitting the worm as they heaped soil on the young tree.  Finally, Mr. Fritz and the class gathered around the tree, and on the count of three, shouted “WORM” as a series of pictures was taken by onlookers.


Though the morning was chilly, the sun remained shining throughout the tree planting process.  Trees provide multiple benefits to a community when properly planted and maintained.  They help to improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood, increase property values, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and provide wildlife habitats, among many other benefits.


The Village of Stockton is a member of Tree City USA and offers trees for terrace planting to any resident who wants one.  The Village donates the trees and the resident must commit to water and care for them.  Anyone interested in the program can contact Village Hall at (815) 947-2515.

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